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Narrow Spaces


It is one of the world’s most expensive places to live in and it counts to those with the highest population densities on earth. More than seven million people live there, and it’s getting even more. The place we’re talking about is Hong Kong, Chinas special administration region.


In Hong Kong you can find both sides - a clash of rich and poor people - but everyone has to deal with the lack of living space. Buildings are getting higher and denser, living spaces smaller and rents more expensive. This situation forces individuals and families to move into tiny flats with excessive rents.

To handle these costs, people have to take different steps. For instance, some of them move into micro flats and others have to live in rooftop slums. Not seldom, private space is less than ten square metres and often, these methods for living are illegal.


However, what alternative do you have in a town, which has already exceeded its maximum capacity?