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Fah’s everyday life is far away from being easy. The young woman is a single mother, her son Gavin a very lively boy. Not only because of her full schedule, which is mainly packed with doctor’s appointments, a calm home would do her well. Yet, her four years old son puts her destiny to the proof. Fah has MS.


Multiple sclerosis, abbreviated as MS, is a neural disease, which affects patients in various ways. It often leads to paralysis and visual disorders. Many symptoms are not visible to others, which further leads to burden as well as misconception. MS is not curable; however, symptoms can get mitigated, so that daily routine of many patients can be nearly normal.


Just 1-2 years ago, Fah’s condition used to be much worse; nowadays she is feeling better. Still her daily activities are restricted, which also affects parenting of young Gavin. Fortunately, Fah and her son are not alone. Fah’s mother Khaisaeng lives with them and supports them wherever possible. Together they can break down even big barriers successfully.