The King’s Trail


Silence. Only the wind cries and a waterfall whispers in the distance. There’s muddy water in my shoes. Cold wind hits my face. My backpack is heavy. My legs are hurting. I’m in the arctic with a heavy sunburn on my head underneath my hair. I can smell my sweat. Didn’t had a shower for days. Mosquitos everywhere. They are fucking annoying and their bites are itching.

But it’s fine. It couldn’t be better. In front of me there’s a scenery like straight out of a movie. Majestic mountains. Wild rivers. Glaciers. Waterfalls. Purest nature, freedom everywhere. In my head Eddie Vedder plays guitar. The only civilization here are some other hikers who are feeling the same. No streets. No cars. No rush. A positive emptiness. We are in the last wilderness of Europe. We are hiking the king’s trail.


In July 2016 my friend Tom and I hiked a part of the Kungsleden. The Kungsleden, Swedish for „The King’s Trail“ is a hiking trail located in Swedish Lapland above the arctic circle. The nights were bright there as we were so far up north, the sun won’t go down completely at this time of year.

We had an awesome but exhausting trip on this rough trail through an area, wich is known as the last wilderness of Europe. It’s an area where only the Sami are allowed to live everywhere they want to. Sami are the natives of Lapland and the last indigenous people of Europe.


We ate boring food and drank delicious fresh glacier water, passed valleys and Fjälls and got lost in the moor. Up and downs are part of a trip like this. In the end we had an exhausting and pretty scary bad weather experience, wich spelt the end of our trip on the Kungsleden. It was okay for us as we already hiked a longer way than expected. In the end I know, even me, a person who tries to avoid traveling to the same places twice since the world has so much more to show, one day I will return to finish this trail.